Gilfor's Tales is a tactical RPG set in a fantasy world, full of dangerous adventures and fierce monsters. You will be able to form a party, with which you will explore the farthest corners of the world. You will get to meet the magic of the world and with your deeds decide about the life or death of its dwellers.
Gilfor's Tales
One starts out in the game from the Dark Age with basic city research and development. Battle tactics and strategy, as well as smart city management will allow players to move into the Castle Age and eventually the Imperial Age as they develop.

Whether Starjet, Battle cruiser, or Starfighter–the commander of these high-tech warships battles with sophisticated weapons systems for the dominance of the universe. The rich 3-D graphics and perfect flash animation let you quickly forget your surroundings: exciting missions and dangerous aliens await you in DarkOrbit!
War of 2012
With numerous other players – Ogame already has made more than 30 mio. avid fans world-wide – they compete against each other for supremacy of the universe: be it as a lonely merchant of raw materials or as a member of a martial alliance fighting battles of unlimited size.

The basic film plot is about a secret guild of assassins called The Fraternity, who were founded by a group of weavers a thousand years ago. They use a code found in the very fabric of the Loom of Fate weavings at their textile mill headquarters to determine who lives and who dies - as every person marked by death is determined by fate.

Deepolis shows the direction in which the latest browser games are heading: This Flash 3D multiplayer game outdoes all browser-game technology which has been used until now. Experience action-packed fighting, use the trading systems and set up clan territories, explore new trading routes and enemy bases.

Dark Orbit
Wanted Fan Immersion Game
Start in your real hometown and travel around the globe building your empire. Drive or fly through every real world city and airport while building your wealth by legal or illegal means.

Players compete against thousands of other Space Pilots and against NPC’s (Non Player Characters) with advanced A.I. capabilities. Thousands of challenges and treasures can be won, ensuring that there is an exciting and unique course of the game for each player. Players can also influence their adventures by buying premium items in-game.
Outer Galaxies

Now is the time for exciting adventures on the high seas, bitter sea battles and the longing for unending freedom, fame and fortune. The player faces the challenge of battling against enemy pirates, and huge sea monsters. Wearing scars with pride and honour–they are witness to many famous battles!

As commander of an imperial, space superpower you conquer uncharted planets, found colonies, and arm your fleet -- Offense and defense: strategic battle plans are the focus of Spaceinvasion!
Space Invasion

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